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The Co-Evolution of Conscious Agriculture: Biodynamic Farming

Biodynamic Farming: Produce That Does Not Cost the Earth

Rudolf Steiner gave a series of lectures in Germany in June 1924, from which emerged the fundamental principles of Biodynamic agriculture.

stirring prep familyRegarded by some as the first modern ecological and sustainable farming system, Biodynamic farming builds upon organic approaches, such as the use of manures and composts and excludes all use of artificial chemicals on soil and plants. Methods unique to the Biodynamic approach include the use of specially transformed herbal and mineral preparations as healing additives for soil and plants, enhanced composting skills, and the use of an astronomical sowing and planting calendar.

Our goal at Old King Farm is developing a deeper understanding of the interrelationship of humanity with the elementals, soil, plants, and animals.The farm can be a self-nourishing system without dependence on fossil fuels or external inputs, preventing the loss of nutrients from the soil, regenerating it’s aliveness, massively improving the quality of food, while boosting carbon sequestration to reduce global climate problems.

Video Credit: OrganicNation.tv