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Hugh Jordan Courtney
(July 8, 1932 – June 15, 2020)

Passing of our Mentor, the Peaceful Earth Warrior

We are saddened by the passing away of Hugh Courtney, a master of BioDynamic agriculture, our friend and teacher.

Hugh’s mission was to bring BioDynamics into the 21st century, helping to heal the Earth and humanity, without losing the spiritual roots of the tradition.

Besides advocating for the wider application of BioDynamic farming practices on this continent, he taught, consulted, and experimented ceaselessly. His commitment to bringing Rudolf Steiner’s mystical tools to us and supporting the Light is articulated in the introduction he wrote for a volume entitled What is Biodynamics?

“Our task at this time, during the descent and ascent of the etheric Christ, is to work via the force of the life ether, by always remaining in the realm of the living. We have no other tools to do that except the nine biodynamic preparations…. It matters not whether we use them on the acreage of a huge farm or on a small backyard garden. What matters most is that all nine are used. Implant the sword of Michael in the earth through the preparations. Use them to summon the elementals to serve the Christ. Take up our human task of spiritualizing the Earth.”

(SteinerBooks 2005)

We miss Hugh sorely! Old King Farm remains committed to keeping his legacy alive by practicing and sharing the wisdom he gifted to us on three separate Spring Fling intensives.

Veritas et Luce  (Truth and Light!)