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Destiny (or kismet, luck, fate, a happy coincidence) describe the discovery and establishment of Old King Farm in 2009, by its founding members Dr. Orest Pelechaty and Rev. Sue Pelechaty.

While searching for land to help support a virtuous project, The Great American Stupa for World Peace, Dr. Orest fell in love with Old King Farm and knew it would be a special place for generations to come.

During Old King Farm’s first year — and every year thereafter — Tibetan Lamas (spiritual teachers) perform special, sacred ceremonies to purify our intentions, offer thanks, harmonize local energies, and help remove obstacles to success. Over the years, we have been blessed with angels (helping hands) assisting us in farming the lands, restoring our historic barns, hosting educational programs and celebrating Life in the peaceful magic of our retreat center and rolling farmland.

“We dedicate our vision of Old King Farm for the greatest good of all, and are grateful for this opportunity to make a lasting contribution toward an enlightened society and healing Mother Earth.”