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Past Events: 2017

Eco-Shamanic Summer Solstice – Wed Jun 21

Celebrate the Summer Solstice at Old King Farm with an Eco-Shamanic celebration! Join our resident Shaman James Endredy for a sacred fire ceremony and blessings for the new season!


Vedic Yoga Earth Healing Weekend Intensive: Jun 10-11

We are honored to host Dr. Appachanda Thimmaiah, Associate Professor of Sustainable Agriculture and Director of the Regenerative Organic Agriculture Program at Maharishi University of Management this Spring! Dr. Thimmaiah will teach a spiritual attunement called Agnihotra — an ancient form of environmental, psychological and spiritual healing.

Pandit (respected Professor) Thimmaiah will be joined by Purohit (Vedic Priest) Krishnadasa Sharma, lifelong disciple of Yoga and Indian Spirituality, on Sunday, June 11 for the ceremonial installation of our Shiva Lingam. This welcoming of Hindu spirituality is in keeping with Odiyana Khandro Ling‘s vision of Uplifting Humanity Within Nature. Come learn earth healing techniques and receive the tools necessary to perform an Agnihotra at home.

8th Annual Spring Fling: May 26-29

Our premier Eco-Spiritual Festival! Biodynamics, Sustainable Living, Qi Gong, Music, Kirtan, Meditation, Hands-on Learning + much more! Held every year on Memorial Day Weekend.

SAVE THE DATE for our 9th Annual Spring Fling — May 25-28, 2018, and be sure to check out our Spring Fling page for more information and pictures!

Spring Equinox Celebration: March 20

With the warming of the earth, life returns anew at the Vernal Equinox. Join us for a day of celebration including reading of sacred texts, poetry, shamanic fire ceremony and a communal meal as we usher in the new season.

Pysanka Easter Egg Workshop: April 9

Join us for a fun workshop exploring the ancient art of making a Pysanka. Stemming from the root word “pysaty,” or to “write, these beautiful eggs use a wax-based, batik-style method of design that dates back to the Pre-Christian era. Symbols such as the sun, deer, infinity waves and geometric patterns are rich with meaning and intent to bring forth good health, prosperity, fertility and longevity. Bring home a decorated egg. Click here for photos!


Past Events: 2016

img_0658_picmonkeyed (1)Sacred Fire Initiation: July 16 – Jul 17

For most Shamanic cultures the sacred fire is very much a force or presence that is found in all organic life. In this sense, the fire is very much alive and carries within it the universal energy that animates what we call nature and spirit. Intentionally bringing forth the fire and placing yourself within it’s light and heat for extended periods fosters purification, protection, connection, and visionary experiences. Once the initiate completes this rite of passage, the sacred fire will be an ally for the rest of their life and will walk with them wherever they go.

Visit Earth Spirit Foundation for course details, rate and more information!

Annual Elderberry Harvest: July 24

Join us at the Farm at 4:00pm for an afternoon of picking our beautiful elderberries! Bring your own basket + keep half of what you pick! Elderberries are renown for their immune-boosting properties — use the berries to make your own syrup, jam, wine and more! Tea to follow.

Entering the Vortex: July 2 – July 3

earth-healing-prayerJames Endredy of the Earth Spirit Foundation will lead participants in a powerful initiation opening the door to an ecoshamanic worldview of holism and cooperation with the world that provides us with life. We call this “Entering the Vortex.”  Prerequisite: A strong calling to learn the wholistic ways of the Shaman.

Visit Earth Spirit Foundation for course details, rate and more information.


Summer Solstice Celebration: June 20

Old King Farm and Odiyana Khandro Ling invite congregants and the public to honor the change of seasons. With ancient ceremony, meditation, and powerful scriptural reading, we will share joyful blessings with the world. Help us bring the sacred and spiritual into daily life.

Events include:

Heart of Wisdom Sutra – chant and meditation
Mountain of Offerings – a fire Puja at the Stupa of the Lotus Born
Aspiration of the All Good – reading and contemplation of the “Great Perfection”
Lunch Break – pot luck (please bring something to contribute if you can!)
Pilgrimage to meet Tibetan master in Lincoln, VT


7th Annual Spring Fling: May 27 – May 30

Old King Farm’s hallmark annual event! Join us for practical, hands-on learning in Biodynamic farming, Pranic Agriculture, sustainable living…and stay for meditation, guided walks, land blessings, meditation, Qi Gong, dancing, music, delicious food and much more! Click here for photos!