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Rev. Dr. Orest Pelechaty, LAc, OMD, nationally-certified Acupuncturist and Herbalist, is a life-long student of various healing systems including Tibetan Ayurveda, Essential Oil Therapeutics, Homeopathy, and energy healing techniques such as QiGong, Reiki, and Pranic Healing, With over 30 years of experience in the healing arts and having studied with teachers from around the world, “Dr. O” brings encyclopedic wisdom from ancient healing traditions and has been a pioneer in bringing these traditions to the United States. He was among the first licensed Acupuncturists in New Jersey and founded the ALOHA Clinic, the East Coast’s premier integrated holistic health center from 1988-2003. Since retiring as clinic director, Dr. O has been working in private practice in Northern New Jersey, in addition to teaching, writing, consulting and founding the healing retreat center at Old King Farm. To learn more about Dr. O’s acupuncture practice, please visit www.HealandRenew.com.

Rev. Sue Pelechaty, BS (Chemical Engineering), CCA (Certified Clinical Aromatherapist/Young Living Essential Oils Platinum), has dedicated her life to helping others heal through Therapeutic Aromatherapy and Kinesiology. With over 30 years of experience, Sue co-founded Holistic Alliance International, a non-profit organization promoting holistic healing, and co-directed the ALOHA Clinic, NJ’s oldest and largest holistic health clinic for 15 years. In addition, Sue has co-authored The Secrets of a Powerful Woman and Manifesting Abundance. She teaches extensively on essential oil therapeutics, green living, and holistic self-care. She is the co-founder of Old King Farm, and performed the Feng Shui design for the Center. To learn more about Sue, self-care and Young Living Essential Oils, please visit www.SelfCareGlobal.com

Donna Visco & Rick Richmond, senior practitioners and teachers of Pranic Healing, instantly fell in love with Old King Farm upon their first visit to the land. From the star-filled night sky to the gentle breezes filling the air with lavender, they loved not only the rolling hills and beautiful vistas, but also the prospect of creating a foundation and retreat center. With a background in Pranic Healing and garden design, Rick and Donna help maintain the lands, assist with the design and construction of the Stupa, and hold a studio in one of the Farm’s beautiful barns. Rick and Donna are co-founders of Blessed Land Farm and teach in New Jersey and Vermont. For teaching schedules, special events and more, please visit: www.PranicHealingatBlessedLand.com

Fran Maher and Brian Coffey are certified Master Qi Healers and teachers of Qi Healing and Qi Therapy weekend intensive seminar/workshops for 25 years. Fran is a licensed acupuncturist and Brian has practiced as a Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in Clinical Qi Gong from 1993 through 2011. Both Fran & Brian have presented or taught classes at area Universities, medical schools, corporate sites, human service agencies, centers for fitness or yoga, martial arts studios, and health care schools/provider sites. They offer weekly classes in several forms of Qi Gong and Tai Chi in weekday classes at their Qi Gong for Healing Center in Warren, NJ. Contact them at 908-647-1563 or www.QiGongforHealing.com

Michael Peluso is the Founder of True Living — a heart centered holistic approach to creating a life that works in all directions leaving you your fullest expression of health, joy and success. To accomplish this, Michael relies on his background in Life Coaching, Holistic Lifestyle and Nutrition Coaching, Exercise therapy, Neurosomatic Therapy and additional modalities in conjunction with fellow health practitioners. The True Living approach is to empower you to create a program for a healthy way of thinking and acting, as well as hands-on healing of chronic pain and discomfort and other conditions where the conventional medical system fails. For more information, please visit www.MichaelsPelusofitness.com

Yuri Lev earned his MFA at Pratt Institute in New York City. He’s worked in many aspects of commercial photography, but fine art has always been Yuri’s main love. The presentation “Photography as a Spiritual exercise” will be based upon a discussion of images created by Edward Weston and Minor White — Yuri’s main spiritual influences and two giants of the medium. He sees their work as two different aspects of a spiritual quest. Yuri will also show samples of his own work and discuss how he blends both approaches in his creative life. For more on Yuri’s work, please visit YuriLevStudio.com or fineartamerica.com/profiles/yuri-lev/shop

Carla Pema YudronBorn “down the Jersey Shore,” Carla Pema Yudron studied herbalism and Qi Gong and went West to receive her Doctor of Oriental Medicine before a pilgrimage in the East.  She fortunately connected with old Tibetan masters in India and spent 10 full years studying and practicing the 1,000 year old lineage of the enlightened wisdom woman Machik, the mother of Chöd practice. Dr.Hughett loves to share the benefits of Chöd: “Instead of fighting the dark forces that often assail ourselves, we generate compassion. This both allows outer negativity and our own reactivity to transform.” Carla will be offering Chöd at Old King Farm on Sunday evenings, through the end of May: www.OldKingFarm.com/healing-chod

Rachel JohnsonRachel Johnson: a modern day, non-sectarian Taoist with a deep reverence for nature and the wisdom traditions of the world, Rachael has trained primarily with Tibetan and Taoist yogic masters since 2008. After several years integrating numerous techniques for awakening along with both traditional and scientific knowledge, Rachael has distilled the essence of her experience into four pillars of training for balanced, dynamic and powerful spiritual development. She calls this synthesis Ku Shen, which means “valley spirit” or primordial essence. Rachel has trained in several healing modalities, from somatic bodywork to sound healing. Her gong healing immersions have touched thousands of lives, bringing people experiences deep relaxation, visionary states and cellular rejuvenation. She offers immersive sound healing experiences and practitioner training. For more information, please visit: HiddenRadiance.com

A true Vermonter, Richard “Dick” Brigham has a prodigious background in forestry and apiculture and political activism for environmental justice. He has traveled the world planting trees, and served for decades as Vermont State’s Bee Colony Inspector. His interest in the “Deep Story” of our living planet is matched by his exploration of the spiritual world, particularly via his study of Rudolf Steiner’s pioneering work. He has been a true pillar of support for the sacred mission of Odiyana Khandro Ling at Old King Farm. Brigham will be leading the stirring of the Biodynamic preparations at this year’s Spring Fling.

Nancy Crompton & Amy EnochsNancy Crompton & Amy Enochs lead Paneurythmy Dance in the Brattleboro, VT area from the Spring to the Autumnal Equinoxes. The dance was brought to America by Ernestina Staleva, who learned directly from the Master Beinsa Douno of Sophia, Bulgaria, with thousands of people around the world following his exercises and dances. We dance outdoors, barefoot, in the early morning rays. As the dancers receive light and impart it to Earth, and take the welling-up energy of Earth and offer it to the Sun, they participate with the electromagnetic forces and experience an uplifting and energizing of body and soul that is indescribable! You are welcome to join us and find out for yourself.