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The Stupa at Old King Farm

Did you know that this monument will emanate healing and peace for 1,000 years? This is our goal for the Lotus Born Stupa at Old King Farm!

Stupas emanate powerful healing and peaceful energies for the surrounding region. Before construction weapons are placed symbolically beneath the Stupa base, then concrete and heavy stones press down on these tools of destruction as an intention of pacifying violence and hatred. Objects of wisdom, compassion and abundance rest atop the base. Many donations along with relics and sacred substances are also inside. What a beautiful vehicle for promoting peace!

We completed and fully consecrated our Stupa in 2014. Phase Two of the project includes initial landscaping, building a Pagoda structure, followed by the final, formal landscaping of the garden area surrounding the Stupa.

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Prospective Projects

Big Barn Rescue
Fairy Trail Nature Walks
Yurt platform construction
Apiary Apothecary
Expanded Bee Yard with Pollen Gardens
Leonardo DaVinci Footbridge (made of native logs)
Rice Paddies and Ponds
Develop Permaculture Master Plan

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